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Why Blockbase?

Imagine you do not need to worry about things like: what the best mining equipment is, how to source it, deal with manufacturer, customs & freight forwarder, purchasing supplementary equipment, setting up the system and monitor, cool, repair, reboot, clean, reinstall and update it.

Imagine you own the hardware while an expert team takes care of it for a monthly service fee while you keep 100% of the coins. Receiving your coins directly into your wallet – daily – without having to rely on the integrity of the service provider.

All hassle-free, like buying a managed rental property to generate passive income.

Why choose Blockbase?

How we are different

Direct hardware ownership

So you can earn 100% of the coins mined, switch hosting provider and benefit from potential tax write-offs


We never touch your coins. Your miners mine directly into your wallet ID so you receive 100% of your mining proceeds. Daily


You can switch to mining different altcoins anytime, depending on your GPU miners mining ability

Simple & transparent pricing

Hardware and hosting costs are all-inclusive, no hidden costs

No commitments

We keep your miners running as long as you pay your monthly hosting fee in advance. We offer discounts for prepaying for 6 month or 1 year

Certified 100% Green Energy

We are committed to renewable sources of energy and our power comes from nearby hydro-power generators

How Blockbase started

Our Story

We discovered our shared interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies via crypto online forums and meetups and put our first mining machine together in 2013.
We learned the nuts and bolts of mining cryptocurrencies first at home and then by setting up a small farm in shipping containers placed next to small hydropower stations in Austria.
This solution worked so well that more clients wanted us to help them with purchasing and hosting their miners.

However neither the current mining location nor the mining setup was scalable.
In an attempt to partner up with hosting providers around the world we learned that the crypto world is full of obscure offerings and little professionalism.
We felt that there needed to be a trustworthy, transparent mining service provider.
A place where clients can rely on a hassle-free mining service.

Therefore we expanded our operations to the most favourable locations in the world with the goal to become the leading hosted mining provider in the world.
We offer Mining-As-A-Service that clients can rely on without any hassles or hidden fees.
We are here to make virtual currency mining accessible to everyone, from experienced investors to those wanting to start out on what we believe is the future of world payment systems. We are all strong believers in the future of digital currencies and we love being part of this growing community!

You can expect a warm welcome from our team and please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions.

Experts in every field

Our Team

Vlado Stanic
3 years experience in building up mining facilities across Europe. Before that, 5 years experience as production manager.
Alexander Dietrich
Blockchain Enthusiast with 3 years experience in planing and implementing mining infrastructure. Former IT-Consultant with Bechtle, advising corporate clients on sustainable IT architectures, cloud, mobility & security solutions, or IT as a service.

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