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Blockbase Mining is a full-service cryptocurrency mining service provider. We source and host clients mining equipment.

The combination of our mining infrastructure, and proprietary mining farm-management software is an easy and safe way to acquire hashpower without having to deal with complex hardware and software setup.

Our team of mining experts with extensive knowledge of the digital currency sector specializes in building the most efficient and reliable mining facilities.

Blockbase is a strategically located provider of rackspace for the Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency mining industry.

Electricity prices in our area of operation in Sweden are among the lowest in the world, and 100% of our energy comes from hydroelectricity.

Blockbase provides hassle-free hosting solutions for your cryptocurrency mining at affordable prices.

We’ve got everything you may need to get started mining the cryptocurrencies of your choice. Everything located in Sweden, near the polar circle.

We provide Mining-As-A-Service

  • We source and host latest mining equipment for clients. Our customers own the miners, we run them in exchange for a mark-up the electricity usage.
  • We are transparent and simple. We offer all-in pricing for our services with no hidden fees.
  • We never hold your coins. Since customers own the hardware, the machines mine directly into their wallets. Our customers receive  100% of the mining rewards.
  • We use 100% green energy, from excess hydro power plants.

Hardware Sourcing

Our software systems are tested and optimized for mining the following coins:

– Bitcoin (with ASICs)

– Bitcoin Cash

– Dash

– Ethereum

– Ethereum Classic

– Litecoin

– Monero

– Zcash

If you wish to mine a different currency, please contact us beforehand so we can check feasibility. Our mining operation is highly automated and therefore we need to test compatibility and system integration.

Due to the high demand, the most powerful and energy efficient mining equipment needs to be pre-ordered at the manufacturer. Typically miners that are offered on stock are older, underperforming versions.

Due to our long-term relationship with mining equipment manufacturers directly, Blockbase has the ability to get a production quota directly from the factory.

We pass on the payment terms to our clients and take care of sourcing, shipping, inspections and installation.

Blockbase has no influence on delivery times. Neither can we offer any warranties.

Our hardware prices include sourcing, shipping, customs, quality inspection, power supply, cables, racks, software installation & testing. So please note, that most quotes you will find elsewhere are typically the “naked” mining unit only.

Hosting Services

Unfortunately not, unless you have minimum 1000 miners to host.

cloud mining provider leases their computation power (hashrate) to clients.

+ Instant start: The hardware is already running so you can start mining within minutes.

+ Less capital needed: You can rent the computation power of less than 1 miner

– Intransparent: It is nearly impossible to gage the value for money. Moreover clients cannot double-check what they should receive.

– Termed contracts: Usually 1 or 2 years commitment,

– Upfront payments required

– No flexibility: Typically it is not possible to change the currency to be mined.

– Security risk: The miner mines into their wallet first and distributes to clients after. Hence you need to trust the provider to pay out and hope that the provider will not get hacked)

Hosted Mining 

Hosted mining (interchangeably referred to as “co-location”) is the process of hosting your mining hardware in a safe, secure, and affordable hosting data center for a nominal fee. This provides many advantages such as cheaper utility rates and reduced maintenance issues.

+ Hardware ownership (you could ship miners to a different location / service provider)

+ Transparency

– High minimum investment: We recommend to buy at least 10 miners because if you only bought 1 and it breaks at some point you lost 100% of your investment.

– Delivery time: since clients acquire latest mining equipment directly from manufacturers there is usually a lead time on production and shipping (which is out of Blockbase hands)

Blockbase differentiates with their Mining-As-A-Service in the following way:

+ 100% green mining

+ Clients receive 100% of the coins

+ We never touch your coins because clients hardware mines directly into clients wallet.

+ You can switch to different currencies (GPUs only) per miner

+ No commitment. As long as you pay your hosting fee in advance to us we keep powering your miners. 

+ Very affordable, transparent all-in pricing

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1. Purchase of miners (pricing includes hardware, shipping, customs, cables, power unit and installation)

2. Hosting fees that include electricity, infrastructure and maintenance (but not any repairs)

Looking for better pricing? Blockbase can offer lower prices on:

    – Volume: lower prices if bigger quantities of hardware are bought and hosted.
    – Prepayment: if hosting fees are paid for 6 or 12 months in advance