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Different ways of mining

What is a GPU miner?

A GPU – or graphics processing unit – is a type of electronic circuit designed to quickly and efficiently process and buffer data for use in the likes of video rendering and gaming. Many computers have integrated GPUs on their motherboard, but more advanced systems have a completely separate GPU installed to handle the high-intensity nature of today’s computer applications.

High-performance GPU mining rigs can be used as a cost-effective and flexible alternative for ASIC miners. While ASICs are the most efficient way to mine cryptocurrency, they can be somewhat too costly for small-time investors to run, so GPUs provide a convenient middle ground for average-sized investors.

Ethereum. Monero and more

What Cryptocurrencies can you mine with GPU miners?

Although GPUs provide lower processing power than ASICs, they can still be used to mine the likes of Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, and Electroneum. The most popular GPUs are made by Nvidia and AMD, are relatively inexpensive, and they offer a viable way to enter into the crypto mining space without putting down substantial amounts of up-front investment. And since they are relatively cheap and are flexible and customizable, you can run multiple GPU rigs for different crypto coins simultaneously, or reconfigure your rigs to mine different coins based on what the most profitable coin to mine is at a given point in time, without significant downtime or cost.

The technic behind mining

Importance of a powerful and efficient GPU

Hardware performance can deteriorate over time as your equipment gets older. The same holds true when your needs to perform increasingly complex computations to keep up with the likes of evolving crypto algorithms and increasingly complex security or anonymity requirements of today’s altcoins. As such, you need your equipment to not only be flexible to keep up with these changing needs, but also efficient in order to ensure profitability even in the face of price volatility and downward market swings. Look for GPUs that have high core clock speeds relative to their power consumption.

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Why Mining is profitable

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