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Why Green Energy is Needed to Sustain Bitcoin

2017 may be the year remembered for Bitcoin entering into the global consciousness. With its value ballooning to over $250 billion and more transactions than ever being completed on its blockchain, Bitcoin saw a quick rise to prominence. However, this hasn’t come without its issues, one of the most notable

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Cryptocurrency Mining vs. Investing

In a new market it is always a good idea to diversify across all areas, spreading any risk of capital investment which could play a factor in the future. In the emerging cryptocurrency industry two methods of supporting the industry have manifested themselves in the forms of investing and mining.

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Hosted Mining vs. Cloud Mining: A Comparison

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to grow, more and more opportunities to capitalize on these technologies are presenting themselves. One major way in which consumers and businesses alike are profiting from the surge in cryptocurrency is via mining. Yet, cryptocurrency mining is extremely complex, and requires knowledge of decentralized

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Sweden: A low-cost, user-friendly crypto mining destination

The last few years have seen unprecedented growth in the bitcoin and blockchain spaces. First introduced roughly 10 years ago as a trustless, transparent, fair, and secure way to record transactions and exchanges of value, blockchain has slowly yet surely gained acceptance in the mainstream. Consistent innovation, coupled with increased

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