Send Your Machines To Our Facilities

and benefit from our low-cost & renewable energy

» minimum 1000 units «

How It Works


Confirm setup fees and choose your hosting plan

Submit the contact form below so we can give you quote for the one-time setup fee which varies depending on your specs.

We can only accept clients with a minimum of 100o units.

Choose your monthly, 6-monthly or yearly hosting plan (see current pricing and hosting agreement)

We'll invoice you with the setup fee


Send your machines to our facilities

We'll help you with every step of the way in delivering your machines to our facilities - but you will be responsible for the costs.


We’ll install your machines

Once your machines arrive we'll install them and you'll get access to your dashboard on the mining pool.

We'll send pictures of your miners with your name and the serial numbers.


Mine directly into your wallet

Connect your wallet and receive 100% of your mining rewards from the pool every day.

Pay your monthly, 6-monthly or annual hosting fee for electricity, infrastructure and maintenance in advance.

Request setup terms (min. 1000 units)

Please tell us a bit more about you and your miners